Ergonomic Training for employees. Increase productivity Minimum work related injuries.

Ergonomics specialists make it easier for people to do their jobs by observing human movement as it relates to the work environment. They apply their knowledge of musculoskeletal function and how humans interact with their environment to make the workplace safer and more efficient.

basic information useful for employers, workers and others in designing an effective ergonomics program to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). It outlines practical strategies for identifying and correcting ergonomic deficiencies in a variety of workplace settings


Industrial environments vary from factories with hundreds of operators performing short-cycle jobs to field personnel conducting non-routine tasks. Humantech’s ergonomists are experienced in finding practical solutions to shop-floor challenges and can teach you to spot and resolve developing ergonomics concerns by providing the tools and techniques to identify issues, prioritize challenges, and implement low-cost, high-impact solutions.


Managing today’s modern office workplace includes a challenge to maintain a stimulating and healthy work environment for your employees. Office ergonomics is made easy when you utilize Humantech’s systematic approach to identifying and resolving ergonomics issues with no-cost and low-cost solutions. Humantech’s ergonomics training courses for the office combine easy-to-apply assessment methods with data drivers and cost justification.


With a long and diverse client list, Humantech has been able to develop training solutions for a variety of workplace applications and settings. In addition to industrial and office ergonomics training, Humantech offers ergonomics courses designed for the specific needs of several key groups, which include course manuals, presentation materials, and case study exercises to ensure that participants gain the skills they need to be successful.

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