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At Brunswick Chiropractic Center of NJ we are committed to the highest standards of patient care and we go the extra mile to provide high quality and affordable physical medicine treatment.

We are passionate and determined to meet our treatment goals and to maintain optimal health for our patients. We strive to provide a trusting and friendly atmosphere and are compassionate about caring for and communicating with our patients.

Chiropractic adjustments are very light movements performed to restore proper alignment and motion to joints.  These misalignments can cause inflammation and irritate nearby nerves leading to pain, spasm, weakness, tingling, numbness, or other dysfunction.  Restoring proper alignment through Chiropractic adjustments can eliminate the irritation to the nerve and restore health.

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New Jersey Strength Training

  • Back Rehab Programs
  • Stretching and Massage Therapy
  • Online Training Programs

What is the right workout for you?

Everyone is different and most people have various reasons why they can’t work out and get in shape on a weekly basis.

We Design Workouts Based On:

  • Career
  • Budget
  • Family
  • Time
  • Location

We Take Into Account:

  • Stress Level
  • Sleep
  • Flexibility
  • Health History
  • Weight
  • Skill Level
  • Injuries

We Care Like Family

People Sometimes Ask Me, “How Did You Get Involved In Chiropractic Care?”


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